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A Word from Our Guild Master
Welcome to Guild After Life !

After Life is a level 25 guild in World of Warcraft on the Borean Tundra server. We are mostly centered around dungeons, raids and leveling toons with some light PvP. We run a lot of old content raids and have two runs a week on Dragon Soul and are working towards more.

We are a pretty relaxed and open guild that promotes a good sense of humor. So if you don't have one, you might have a tough time adjusting. We try to have a lot of fun in our guild, especially in raids. Most of it happens in vent though which you can google and download to join up with us. 

Our ranking system, along with the guild bank, is designed towards your characters level. We usually check the roster quite often and rank people up. One thing you can do to get ranked up ahead of time is simply to be noticed. Talking in guild chat and joining us in our ridiculous conversations is a great way to get early ranks. A couple of  things you can do to get ranked slower is to continuously ask officers to rank you up or trying to sell all your junk in guild cause you cant sell it in trade.

So look around our page and see what all things we can offer. Thanks, enjoy everyone!

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